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The restitution of Ngonnso - the conversations

Sat 29th, May 2021, 13:59


The growing interest in the restitution of elements taken away during the colonial times to Germany has attracted both scholarly and artistic interest. Goethe institute has been supporting the conversations on the restitution from conferences to international cultural activities.


In 2018, the subject of Ngonnso was a major hit during the International Cultural festival organized by Goethe institute on the theme the Burden of Memory. The short version of the film Ngonnso which was just part of an experimental documentary production training was viewed. The conversations that ensued has inspired further investigations into the restitution of Ngonnso and now, a longer version of the film.




The use of arts was used in this festival to inspire conversations and actions. From deep reflections in the past to reflections of reparation, it created another platform for the amplification of the request of the return for Ngonnso.


Find here link of film


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