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SHF starts new activity: Creaorigin Film Club

Tue 2nd, Apr 2019, 21:16

Creaorigin  Film Club is an activity of Sysy House of Fame that seeks to promote Film making in Cameroon/African and promote the culture of Cinema. For more than a decade now, the culture of Cinema has gradually been erased from the North West region. Known as the hub of creativity in Cameroon, the North West Region has remarkable talents and hundreds of films counting that have not been able to reach to viewers even in this region. Most at times we ignore the role of films in society. Films are a great and Sustainable way of contributing to informing, educating and creating awareness in society.  Cameroon/Africa as a whole has a rich repertoire of films that have not reached a deserved audience. Therefore the Creaorigin film Club brings together film makers and the community to watch and discuss film projects: Documentary, Fiction, Feature, long and short films of Cameroon/African origins. Creaorigin Film club seeks to engage communities in trending conversations and issues through film screening of relevant and educative Cameroon/Africa films which provoke a discourse after each film between the film makers and the viewers. This is also an avenue for the community to come together and celebrate culture, film makers and of course the spirit of togetherness.


·        To reignite the culture of Cinema

·        To create avenues for relaxation while educating the community through audiovisual productions.

·        To promote works of  film makers in Cameroon/Africa to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience

·       To celebrate Arts and Creativity.

How it works

The call is free for

·        Cameroonian/Africa film maker

·        Diaspora film makers from Cameroo/Africa

·        Films made on subjects pertinent to Cameroon/Africa by foreigners.

The Creaorigin film club will be launched on the 28th of April 2019 at Blue Pearl Hotel Bamenda with free entry and snacks offered to the viewers. There shall also be a discussion after each film which will see the film makers in a face to face interaction with the audience. Film makers interested in having their films screened during this period are free to contact us info@sysyhouseoffame.org