SHF East Africa


Sysy House of Fame-East Africa is a community association that is based on fostering Sustainable Development and the Africa Agenda 2063 by engaging communities through Arts, Culture and Media. This association is a collaboration of Sysy House of Fame Cameroon, the Gender and Community Development Office of the East African Community (EAC) Arusha, Salama Heritage Ecovillage (SHE) Tanzania and Girls’ Ability Foundation (GAF) Tanzania. It seeks to bring together communities across East Africa and assist them in the development of their communities through different forms of Arts including Music, Film making, Spoken words, Poetry, storytelling, and Theatre. Sysy House of Fame is redefining the role the creative industry, shifting from the paradigm of entertainment to a reliable and effective Development tool.

 We seek to produce top notch artists whose following through different media platforms will be used to positively influence the communities. We integrate different life skills program in our activities such as Leadership and Advocacy among others. We are also involved in organizing different events that show cases talents, promotes cultural heritage and importantly pushes forward the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Africa Agenda 2063.

The base of this association is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is intended to bring Swahili to the world. We don’t only carry activities but we show the world through the use of different media platforms what we are doing and what others around us are doing. To this effect media becomes an integral part of Sysy House of Fame as we work towards the change we want. Wikonnect is a platform of the Sysy House of Fame which is an online magazine that seeks to showcase community efforts to the world in bid to connect stories