Girls In Arts

Women have been around in the creative industry for many decades, yet the area is still considered a boys club. For centuries, art has been a male-dominated field. Even though there is a bigger presence of women in art today, decisive and creative opportunities that generate on-screen meaning seem to tilt towards their male peers.

Even though half of the visual artists in the world are women, they earn far less than men. Women and girls in arts face challenges from lack of skills to gender-based discrimination in their various fields of arts. This is a growing trend that goes back to history, igniting both scholarly and professional conversations regarding the patriarchal creative industry.

Girls in arts, therefore, seeks to support young girls in the field of arts to earn skills, especially in creative and decision-making positions to change the usual unpleasant and unfair on-screen presentation of women and to amplify the voices of women in the global scene.

This project focuses on transforming young girls from passionate artists to entrepreneurs whose contributions to the creative industry, and the national and global economy won’t go unnoticed. It is a fact that people should make a living from their careers, the creative industry is not an exemption


Advocate for equal opportunities for the girl child in the Creative Industry
Build capacities of young women in the creative industry
Fight against sexual harassment in the creative industry and beyond
Create opportunities to promote the girl child in Arts
Assist each other in applying for opportunities
Support each other through the challenges faced by girls in the industry

Project updates
SHF organises a workshop under the theme "Girls for the Goals", to discuss on how Girls in Arts can contribute to Sustainable Development, Challenges faced by Girls in Arts and plan for an all girls film production.
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In a workshop last Saturday organized by SHF under the Program Girls in Arts, a roadmap for the contributions of Girls in Arts to the SDGs was designed. The girls applauded this highly Interactive workshop. They look forward to the "Girls Speak" event in May.
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After a long period of training and Hard work, the Girls in Arts project finally realizes their first film which is an advocacy for peace through a series of upcoming Audio-Visual productions. This film is a series which has seen just Episode 1 Produced.
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First time in Cameroon: SHF (in partnership with UN Cameroon) are shifting the paradigms and changing the narratives with innovation and creativity. “Bound by the Times” is a shadow performance that SHF is using to advocate for peace by narrating and reenacting experiences of young girls and women during armed conflicts.
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Performed in Bamenda affected by the on-going armed conflict in Cameroon, this innovative theatre performance is a blend of Music, Spoken words and stage drama all put together to put an in-depth feeling of the effects of ‘war’.
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Girls in Arts have participated in the Relaunch of Cultural Activities by the Ministry of Arts and Culture in the North West Region. The girls were actively involved in Bodypainting of all participants, costume design, painting, and dance.
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After the announcement of the Tour of shadow theatre for Peace by SHF and United Nations Cameroon, there has been a lot of excitement as people looked forward to watching the "Bound by the Times" theatre show. Real-life experience told by then victims and now survivors.
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Take a mini-tour with us as we make a stop in Buea for the "Bound by the Times" theatre show. Real-life experience told by then victims and now survivors.
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"Bound by the Times" is a theatre piece that has reached out to about 8000 in Bamenda, Buea, and Yaounde. The tour was an advocacy for the return of peace in the restive Anglophone regions. Real-life experience told by then victims and now survivors.
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