Educate Her Now Scholarship

Reaching out to children who are in need of basic such as education, health, and recreational facilities is a priority for us as an organization as we believe in creating an enabling environment for children to thrive as leaders and not in an elusive future. We support with school supplies, recreational activities, financial support and psychosocial support to children in Bamenda affected by the armed conflict.

Project updates
Sexual violence, child marriage, lack of sex and reproduction education. Young girls in anglophone Cameroon face these and more with the ongoing crisis that gets worse by the day. EducateHerNow scholarship is meant to reintegrate teenage mothers between 12-20 years back to school.
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Young girls are more likely not to return to school than boys, as some are left behind to fend for families, others prematurely married to older men to pay debts or get money in return. But we can beat this. Every donation you make today goes a long way to give young girls a chance at dreaming and achieving.
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