Breaking the glass ceiling as a woman in filmmaking in Cameroon

The challenges women face in the creative industry are enormous, one of them being the lack of enabling environment for them to thrive in technical roles often considered for men in a male dominated industry. SHF is providing young women in film hands on training and mentorship to support them gain skills in order to be able to compete with men on equal grounds and also in order to be able to tell powerful stories that represent women on screen in a more inspirational way.

“Within the short period I started working with SHF, I discovered that I became time conscious, bold and confident. Devotedness and consistency is one of their strongholds which I have gained as well.”

Magho Anembom Ijeoma

Magho Anembom Ijeoma who is a Master degree student at the university of Bamenda, department of Performance and visual Arts is one of the beneficiaries of the programme. She is passionate about production management and Camera operations. Despite having a well grounded background during her studies, she is unable to find gigs that permits her practice and compete. As SHF amplifies her Bring Back Ngonnso campaign through film, Ijeoma is the team lead for the production session in Bamenda. She now gets the chance to practice her field of work while learning from other colleagues in the field. 
Involving women in roles that are male dominated is a big move towards pushing women in the creative industry to break the glass ceilings in their career. 

“I was inspired to join the creative industry because of my love for acting and script writing, but as time unfolded, I started developing less interest in acting. Focusing my attention on technical roles because i believe i can also operate the Camera just as the men do”.

Magho Anembom Ijeoma


Women can express themselves and tell powerful stories of issues affecting them when empowered with skills that are responsible for the on screen representation of women. Ijeoma shares her experience as a first timer in production management.

“This is my very first time on set as a production manager and it has been an amazing one. Given the fact that SHF supports us to also do self development, this has made me to learn a lot”.

Magho Anembom Ijeoma

 It is evident that she is determined to cross this bridge with hands on training and support from her Producer, co-workers and team members.
Truly the technical part of film production is demanding of skills and motivation and if a woman is determined, she is sure to succeed.

“As a woman, the one step to breaking the glass ceiling in this industry is by standing up. Let people see you and know you, then let your works speak. Whatever role you have to play anywhere as a woman do it as a man. Let people see the qualities and power that you possess so that it will speak for you.”


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