Our Projects

Indigenous Games are an important tool in the preservation of the culture of a people. Unfortunately, these games are gradually becoming extinct. SHF is reviving and professionalising these games through Research and Development, trainings and tournaments. We are Making Stars of Our Own.
Gender inequality is still widespread in every aspect in the film industry, as women continue to be under-represented in technical roles in filmmaking. In Cameroon, just about 3% of women are in technical roles in filmmaking. SHF is bridging this gap through trainings, production support and show case events
Children have been most affected as they are deprived of Education due to violence geared towards school institutions and stakeholders, spurred by the ongoing socio-political crisis in anglophone regions of Cameroon. SHF is taking a holistic approach by imploring Art and Culture education as alternative education.
Decisive and creative opportunities that generate on-screen meaning unfortunately seems to be a male-dominated affair. SHF is supporting young girls in the field of arts to acquire skills in creative and decision-making positions, to change the biased on-screen presentation of women in the global scene.
We support with school supplies, recreational activities, financial support and psychosocial support to children in Bamenda affected by the armed conflict. Reaching out to children who are in lack of basic needs such as education, health, shelter and amenities. Join us - #EducateHerNow
Experts estimate that about 95% of Africa’s heritage is elsewhere in the world. With the bulk of our material and immaterial heritage looted during the colonial times under violent circumstances and now held involuntarily in Europe, SHF is working with communities and institutions in Europe to reclaim these.