Meet The Team

In any industry where the people behind a structure are as important as the structure itself, there is a need to acknowledge and make known these people. Sysy House of Fame takes pride in the work it does and the impact of the work it does but most importantly, Sysy House of Fame takes pride in the powerful people who make the processes of the organisation run successfully.
A dynamic team of determined and driven ladies ensure that the activities are done professionally, effectively and with accountability. Let us meet the team;

Njobati Sylvie

CEO and Founder

Sylvie is the founder and CEO of Sysy House of Fame. She is an art and culture expert and an activist. Driven by her passion for art, culture and community development, she founded Sysy House of Fame in 2017. She is self-aware and proactive, yet humble. She consistently demonstrates effective leadership skills. She inspires, coaches and motivates her team to success.
She loves football and adventure. 

Esaya Daniel

Head of Legal

Esaya Daniel Abanda Tezo acts as Head of Legal for the organisation. He is a lawyer licensed to practice in Nigeria and Cameroon. 

With an interest in business, finance, entertainment, sports and technology law, he has over 5 years of experience in the domain. 

He is the founder and manager of the Edanate Law Firm, a law firm in Cameroon. 

Thelma Ringnwi Lamnda

Research Assistant and Writer

Thelma currently serves as a  Research Assistant and Writer at Sysy House of Fame, a leading organization that promotes and supports emerging talents in the creative industries.  Her role as Research Assistant and Writer allows her to effectively and efficiently design, implement and report on innovative and impactful initiatives which not only align with SHF’s mission and vision but also showcase the diverse and dynamic talents of SHF. 

Thelma is currently pursuing a career path as a professional in development and humanitarian MEAL, working to connect with and empower local and international communities, (especially with women and children whose mental and sexual health) are affected by all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation. 

Thelma is most passionate about networking with people within and outside the development space to develop and deploy projects for the socio-economic and socio-political development of young people and communities across Africa. 

Ngufack Ntemgwa

Communications and Advocacy Officer

Ngufack Ntemgwa is the communications and advocacy officer at Sysy House of Fame. She is an experienced communicator with a passion for creating engaging content and effective campaigns. With over four years of experience working for NGOs and corporations, she has a proven track record of success in developing and executing communication strategies that achieve business objectives.

Ngufack began her career in journalism, working for several newspapers before transitioning to managing social media pages and becoming a freelance writer. In these roles, she developed a keen eye for what makes content compelling and shareable.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is also a dedicated mental health advocate. She brings a unique blend of communication expertise and passion for social impact to every project she undertakes. 

Javla Wilfred

Multimedia Officer

Javla Wilfred is a creative and experienced filmmaker who has been involved in various film projects for the past five years. He works as an independent filmmaker, specializing in documentary and investigative films that explore social and environmental issues.

Javla loves to tell stories that matter and that can make a difference in the world. He has a strong sense of visual aesthetics and a technical skill in using different software and equipment to edit and enhance his videos. He strives to produce high-quality videos that can engage and inspire his audience to take action and be part of the change.

Javla has also contributed to the film community by organizing training sessions for aspiring videographers, editing a series of films for a local NGO, and mentoring young students who have a passion for photography. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow as a filmmaker.

Dinayen Emilien

Administrative and Finance Officer

Dinayen Emilien is the administrative and finance officer at Sysy House of Fame, a cultural organization in Cameroon that promotes arts and culture for social change. She manages financial aspects, including budget preparation, accounting records, and financial reports, while providing administrative support.

With excellent organizational and communication skills, she excels in administrative and finance-related applications. Emilien’s passion for social justice, community empowerment, and uplifting disadvantaged communities drives her work in the non-profit sector.

She believes arts and culture can address social issues and create positive change in society. Emilien is also passionate about advertising market trends and their impact on consumer behaviour and preferences. She is eager to expand her knowledge and skills to contribute to the growth and success of Sysy House of Fame.

Chou Kanadei Community

Mobilizer Trainee

Chou Kanadei is a Community Mobilizer Trainee at SySy House of Fame, a Cameroon-based organization that promotes talent and creativity among young people. With a background in communication and a strong desire to serve others, Chou has participated in various projects and campaigns, demonstrating excellent communication and organizing skills.

She has successfully coordinated a campaign against HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence under HER Voice Cameroon at the Hope for Vulnerable Cameroon (HOVUCA). Chou is a lifelong learner, attending workshops, conferences, and training sessions to stay updated on community mobilization techniques and best practices.

Her natural leadership abilities allow her to adapt to the changing needs of her community and ensure her efforts are effective and sustainable. Chou is a driven and dedicated professional who strives to make a positive difference in the world through her community mobilization efforts.

Yonghabi Blandine Nkumi

Mobilizer Trainee

Yonghabi Blandine is a Content Developer Trainee at SySy House of Fame. She is a freelance creative and audio-visual storyteller who has a passion for theatre, television, and film studies. She has authored several screenplays and stage dramas, two of which are currently under production by reputable companies. Yonghabi is also a proficient video editor who knows how to use various software and tools to edit videos according to the needs and practicalities of the project.

She has worked with theatre practitioners as an assistant director and a script supervisor and has gained valuable experience and skills that will help her achieve her goal of directing plays in the near future.

Besides her love for storytelling, Yonghabi is fascinated by human biopsychology and its subsequent effect on the functionality of our society. She aspires to significantly contribute to positive societal mental development through the art of audio-visual storytelling.