Meet The Team

In any industry where the people behind a structure are as important as the structure itself, there is a need to acknowledge and make known these people. Sysy House of Fame takes pride in the work it does and the impact of the work it does but most importantly, Sysy House of Fame takes pride in the powerful people who make the processes of the organisation run successfully.
A dynamic team of determined and driven ladies ensure that the activities are done professionally, effectively and with accountability. Let us meet the team;

Njobati Sylvie

CEO and Founder

Sylvie is the founder and CEO of Sysy House of Fame. She is an art and culture expert and an activist. Driven by her passion for art, culture and community development, she founded Sysy House of Fame in 2017. She possesses self-awareness and has a bias for action while exhibiting humility and presents herself as a constant, consistent and effective leader. She inspires, coaches and motivates her team to success.
She loves football and adventure.

Dinayen Calysta

Projects Manager

Calysta is responsible for Project management. She aspires to create social change and improve the world we live in.
Calysta plans and oversees projects to ensure they are completed in a timely manner within budget lines. With her great technical expertise and critical thinking skills, she has mastered the art of building and developing project team to ensure maximum performance, providing purpose, direction and motivation. She enjoys reading and baking in her spare time.

Salah Kimberly

Communications and Partnerships Manager

Kimberly is the Communications and Partnerships manager. She loves to work for transformative change in the world through creative means/tools. She is an independent music artist and teacher, who understands the power of communication as a tool to invoke quality change. Kimberly loves to meet new people, discover new cultures and engage meaningful exchanges
She is a rational and resourceful young lady who strikes the right balance of knowledge and communication ensuring effective communication within the team and between our organization and partners.
She loves to make music and engages in photography.

Esaya Daniel

Head of Legal

Esaya Daniel Abanda Tezo acts as Head of Legal for the organisation. He is a lawyer licensed to practice in Nigeria and Cameroon. 

With an interest in business, finance, entertainment, sports and technology law, he has over 5 years of experience in the domain. 

He is the founder and manager of the Edanate Law Firm, a law firm in Cameroon.