Workshop on legal frameworks for restitution in Cameroon

Restitution of Ngonnso

I am still hoping that humanity wakes up soonest to the understanding that what keeps Europe amazed at the wonders of creativity when people walk into museums, keeps a whole community awake at night restlessly hoping to find full essence of being. Sylvie nJOBATI As of now, (October 06, 2022), the critical question of return […]

Breaking the ceiling as a woman in filmmaking

The challenges women face in the creative industry are enormous, one of them being the space to grow and excel. Identifying these spaces for growth is a hard nut to crack?“Within the short period I started working with SHF, I discovered that I became time conscious, bold and confident. Devotedness and consistency is one of […]

Creative approaches for better teaching and learning

Long ago arts education in schools was thought to be a luxury and in some schools it did not even exist in the curriculum. Cultural and artistic education is not only implemented in the course of learning during the lessons of artistic education but also integrated into other subjects on various levels.Mme Nkwain Brunhilda Chimambom […]

One week SDG film festival in for rounds off.

One of the most powerful ways to engage and inspire young people is through film. Today, film goes beyond entertainment and fun. It is the most influential and greatest form of creative expression and can be utilized in changing and shaping people’s outlook across communities. Film is unarguably the most desirable thing that children love […]

Call for trainee – Grants and Fundraising officer. Deadline 15/09/2022

Paid Traineeship Opening. Grants and Fundraising manager is an organization that contributes to Sustainable Development by harnessing the potential of Arts, Culture, and Sports. We are a people-centered organisation that believes in using innovative and creative approaches to global issues. We support people to be at the center of change while building a prosperous and […]