Workshop on legal frameworks for restitution in Cameroon

Restitution of Ngonnso

I am still hoping that humanity wakes up soonest to the understanding that what keeps Europe amazed at the wonders of creativity when people walk into museums, keeps a whole community awake at night restlessly hoping to find full essence of being. Sylvie nJOBATI As of now, (October 06, 2022), the critical question of return […]

Colonial Dialogue And Reconciliation

The importance of history in understanding identity, developing an understanding of the world, becoming a rounded person and being inspired cannot be overstated. We all live in the present and we work towards the future – but how do we understand where we’re going and what progress looks like? To know exactly where you’re going, […]

Paper by Bulami Edwards on Nso objects in Linden museum stuttgart

After the announcement to return Ngonnso, one would imagine that this is finally over for the Germans and the people of Nso. But it is far from over.  Nso people are now requesting the return of other objects collected in the colonial context by Germany now found in the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. Despite all […]

Spoken Word contest: Reflections on colonial past and reclamation of Africa’s heritage

       #AfricaHasRisen 1. Background As Africa rises above all challenges to take her position in global affairs, there is an increasing awareness of ‘African renaissance’. As Sylvie Njobati puts it, “African renaissance to me is understanding and galvanizing the full potentials of Africa, and being equipped with the right information that inspire us […]