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Communication for Development

Communication for Development offers International organisations,educational institutions, local organisations and everyone high quality strategies and products to enhance fundraising, attract and maintain donors and influence policy makers while engaging communities in creating the change that we want.
We highly believe in visual story telling -Humanising and visualising global issues to appeal to every stakeholders. We have tested it and it works.

We help you show the impact of the work you are doing and donors the value of their support through Videos, Photography, reports, impact stories, and Social Media management. We have gained an apt understanding of the development, Arts and Culture and corporate sectors over the years through our works with top notch organisations such as the United Nations, Goethe Institute Kamerun, Plan International, Action by Christains for the Abolition of Torture

Our combination of highly creative and innovative  approaches and a team of technical experts will support your campaigns and projects by producing visual content that’s both engaging and relevant.
We have a wide range of clients including non-profits, international institutions, foundations, donors, ethical businesses and other development stakeholders.

Donor Visibility

The more people who know about the good work you do, the more support you will receive support and the larger impact you can make. We help you showcase what you are doing to the world and donors through creative report writing. compelling videos, pictures and success strories, Newsletters and infography. Just tell us what you do and leave the rest for us.


Advocacy seeks to ensure that all people in society are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. We help you create and run campaigns to amplify your works using creative and engaging approaches. From designing campaign strategies that work, to implementation and evaluation, we give you the peace of mind you need to focus on other things.

Digital wellbeing

We help you set up your webinars, human resource management platforms, development of websites, work schedule platforms, training, buy softewares online and other enterprise development solutions. It is important that as you get inspired, think creatively, all your extraordinary ideas should be given enough  time to materialise while we help you be efficient.

Our Partners