JOB VACANCY: Communications and Advocacy Officer

Job Offer: This role will bring strategic, creative, and critical thinking and embrace working both independently and collaboratively with a team as well as partner organisations and allies. This is a full time position with possibility of travel.


The celebration of the 4th anniversary event, served as an opportunity for SHF to share with invited guests and public; works done, ongoing projects as well as plans and strategies for the future.

Sysy House of Fame at 4 !

Anniversaries are opportunities to recollect year gone memories and to cherish them again. To think about the achievements over the years and the impact we have been able to make in the lives of the people we (Sysy House of Fame) have come in contact with. This is Sysy House of Fame at 4 !

Sysy House of Fame; A third of a Decade and Counting

In a quest to create a better world, Sysy House of Fame (SHF) through art, culture and sport was created four years ago in the month of February.

Join us on the 22nd of February to celebrate the milestones and support future successes.

Paid Volunteering Opportunity: Social Media Manager

Sysy House of Fame is looking for a talented Social media manager to tend to our social media accounts. You will be responsible for managing posts and engaging followers. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals.

The Stolen Treasures of Nso

The royal objects of Nso; woven, sculptured and sewn delicately with sacred fabric, pieces and wood. They are symbolic and potent with power and divinity; looted by the German invaders.
Get an insight into the story and history of some of these elements.

Colonial Dialogue And Reconciliation

The importance of history in understanding identity, developing an understanding of the world, becoming a rounded person and being inspired cannot be overstated. We all live in the present and we work towards the future – but how do we understand where we’re going and what progress looks like? To know exactly where you’re going, […]

Workshop on legal frameworks for restitution in Cameroon

Restitution of Ngonnso

As of now, (October 06, 2022), the critical question of return of “Objects” looted in colonial times is built on the foundation of good faith, and a moral standing. However, we cannot guarantee that institutions and individuals that be share the same moral and ethical values as the rest of the world that sees restitution […]