Creative approaches for better teaching and learning

Long ago arts education in schools was thought to be a luxury and in some schools it did not even exist in the curriculum. Cultural and artistic education is not only implemented in the course of learning during the lessons of artistic education but also integrated into other subjects on various levels.
Mme Nkwain Brunhilda Chimambom is a headmistress at CBC Menda and equally is a parent.  Her school benefitted from the Arts and Culture project by the Sysy house of fame. “Arts and culture is a very good aspect that should not be left out as far as the education of the child is concerned. It is an area that brings a lot of excitement, creativity and involvement when inserted in a learning process”. Says Mme Nkwain.
Imploring the use of arts helps learners to develop creative problem-solving skills. It is of no doubt that visual concepts make assimilation easy. Nkwain says arts motivates children in lifelong learning. The pupils of this school expressed happiness while participating in the activity. Everyone felt loved and were striving to do better in improving their skills.
“It is actually a sustainable form of learning for my pupils, making them know that learning can take place in different forms and creating awareness on the forms that will better equip them with life skills. I think that teachers should take the project learning approach seriously. Parents should equally encourage and direct their children in their areas of interests. Pupils and children should be solution oriented in their forms of learning as well.” Says Mme Nkwain.
It is worth noting that arts education connects pupils to their own culture as well as with the wider world.

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