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Sports for Development

Promoting social cohesion, and intercultural dialogue through sports

Arts and Culture

We are using arts to give a voice to the politically, economically, culturally and socially disenfranchised

Our work with children

Supporting children reach their full potentials through Scholarships, and arts and culture activities.

Sylvie Njobati


When we empower communities with the power to create, we shall have sustainable change as ownership is fundamental in community development


Creativity and Originality

Sysy House of Fame is a Non-Governmental Organisation working on cross-cutting global issues such as Decolonisation, Social Justice, Women Empowerment, and Human Rights. 

The quest to reinvent Africa is at the center of the work we do. We acknowledge the evolution of the ecosystem and thus readily adapt to respond to the constantly changing circumstances. 

To achieve this, SHF is imploring the use of  Arts, Culture, and Sports to stir social conversations, inspire action for change, drive political reform, and improve livelihoods.

Our Mission

Contribute to Sustainable Development in the world, through local communities, using the tools; Arts, Culture and Sports.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where local communities can individually and collectively provide creative and innovative solutions to global issues for global growth

Impact Story

Restitution Reunites a Community: The #BringBackNgonnso Online Campaign Results
September 20, 2023
January 24, 2024
Reviews of “Shambles of Haunted Africa”
June 5, 2023
Project Report – Shambles of Haunted Africa theatre performance
May 29, 2023
Shamble of Haunted Africa: Decolonising Minds and Spaces Through Theatre Performance
May 29, 2023

Our Current Projects

Indigenous Games are an important tool in the preservation of the culture of a people. Unfortunately, these games are gradually becoming extinct. SHF is reviving and professionalising these games through Research and Development, trainings and tournaments. We are Making Stars of Our Own.
Gender inequality is still widespread in every aspect in the film industry, as women continue to be under-represented in technical roles in filmmaking. In Cameroon, just about 3% of women are in technical roles in filmmaking. SHF is bridging this gap through trainings, production support and show case events
Experts estimate that about 95% of Africa’s heritage is elsewhere in the world. With the bulk of our material and immaterial heritage looted during the colonial times under violent circumstances and now held involuntarily in Europe, SHF is working with communities and institutions in Europe to reclaim these.

News and Updates

From truth and reconciliation commissions to restitution efforts, the drive to make amends for colonial injustices is gaining momentum. This powerful movement acknowledges the pain inflicted by colonialism, offering hope for a future where justice and equality prevail, erasing the shadows of the past.
The act of returning stolen or looted objects is more than just a symbolic gesture; it represents a commitment to confront the past and build a more inclusive and equitable future.
This inspiring piece sheds light on the #BringBackNgonnso campaign that began in 2020 ( and in 2021 on social media). This one-pager reveals the successful results of the online campaign from May 2021- August 2023.
You wanna know how our theatre performance was received by the audience? Here are some reviews from our diversed audience.
After a successful theatre performance on decolonizing mindsets and spaces, we are glad to share with you the report of the project.
SHF believes that a critical aspect of decolonization is changing mindsets: thus the focus on sensitization. What better way to do this than use theatre performance?
Between May 22 and 27, a multipartner workshop was organised on restitution titled "The Return of Things" in Yaounde. Find here internation debates. Who speaks, who acts? That's the the question.
Anniversaries are opportunities to recollect year gone memories and to cherish them again. To think about the achievements over the years and the impact we have been able to make in the lives of the people we (Sysy House of Fame) have come in contact with. This is Sysy House
In a quest to create a better world, Sysy House of Fame (SHF) through art, culture and sport was created four years ago in the month of February. Join us on the 22nd of February to celebrate the milestones and support future successes.


As a school, we are so delighted to be part of a people that Sysy House of Fame has chosen to work with. Through her activities of arts and culture, the school has greatly been impacted. Their #Educate her now scholarship is  impacting the life of the girl child in this school. These activities have improved enrollment and are developing their cognitive skills.





Nkwain Bronhilda

Head Teacher - CBC Menda

It was a privilege to serve as a volunteer for Sysy House of Fame, where my desires were converted to reality. My experience with SHF has been excellent. As a graduate, the organization presented opportunities for me to advocate for the sustainable development goals through various innovative projects greatly shaping my career ambitions and personality. Through her flexible work schedule and financial assistance, I was able to complete my graduate program with ease while working. With the small work team we were more like a family which made the work space friendly and comfortable.


Ngusulum Blessing

Volunteer - Sysy House of Fame

During my time with the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s office in Cameroon, SHF was our top partner of choice because of her creative and innovative approaches to promoting the SDGs. Totally youthled, the incredible brought in another perspective to teaching the SDGs through Arts and Culture. We did incredible work together such as graffiti – painting  an SDG wall in Bamenda which was shortlisted and published on the global UN web platforms, the first ever shadow theatre advocating for peace in Cameroon, and they even put Bamenda on the top globally during the UN75 survey. I strongly recommend SHF as your partner of choice for creating the impact you want.

Emanuel Bisila Mfokou

Former communications and partnership officer UN Cameroon


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